JumpStyle - What is it?

JumpStyle - this is a young style of dance is a subsection HardDance, which also includes the Shuffle, Hakkuh, HardStep. JumpStyle usually dance on the musical accompaniment HardStyle or JumpStyle, because these musical styles are best suited to dance on the BPM and the melody tracks. Dance was born in Belgium in about 1997, and for a long time remained at the initial level. Later, around since 2005, was extended to all countries in Europe.

The first jumpers had danced OldSchool, a large number of basic movements and a few simple tricks. But it looked a bit the same key, so the dance continued to grow. As a result, there were other styles, such as the FreeStyle, StarStyle, TekStyle... Jumpers invented new movement, tricks, combos. Everyone is trying to show something new.

In Russia, the first jumpers was appeared around the spring of 2007. So they need to train, and they had started to arrange meetings – Jump meetings. Some one danced, some one just fun, but the main thing that the whole party is interested in one thing - advancing JumpStyle in Russia! 30 June 2008 in St. Petersburg hosted the first allrussian JumpStyle meeting! And that was just the begin… In autumn 2008 was organized the first Russian JumpStyle-League, it has a tremendous impetus to the development of dance in Russia! And we're not going to stop!

What is JumpStyle today? What styles of dance are there? How to learn this dance? Here is answers on your questions

Kinds - JumpStyle

It can be divided into several types (sections).

FreeStyle - use a large number of tricks, different kinds of basic (HardJump-, FrenchTek-, Oldschool-basic). Example

SideJump - as in the FreeStyle, but here you can use the unique elements that are banned in the FreeStyle, for example Wheel (rotation of the foot in the knee at different turn). Example

OldSchoolJump - use the original framework, called OldSchoolBasic, consisting of five movements, as well as the use of a variety of simple connectives from FreeStyle.

RealHardJump - the emphasis in this kind of dance is at HardJumpBasic (base of HardJump); movement performed aggressively, with a full podzhatiem feet, tricks are of secondary importance.

TekStyle - an interesting direction, it is very different from other types of JumpStyle. Dancing on the music TekStyle-JumpStyle (Industrial Jump). Basically, the dance is that dancers often use broken movement and may deal with the hands of their feet.

StarStyle - very similar to TekStyle, but movements in the dance more smoothly.

You can dance along to someone in a pair:

DuoJump - Any form of JumpStyle could dance in pairs, so you need to agree in advance the sequence of movements that you will use, and implement them with your partner simultaneously.

TrioJump - the same rules as in Duojump, but for the three dancers.

GroupJump - In GroupJump group of dancers from all required synchronization between the movements, which is achieved through long-term training. Performed usually a group of more than 4 people.

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